1982 Replica Donruss feat. Jay Bruce

Jay Bruce

1982 Donruss baseball cards were a whole lot different than anything Topps could put out. They actually tried to make a decent set, but with a rushed schedule and a lot of printing mistakes, the set was kinda rushed and at the time, ignored by most of the ‘hobby’ and retailers.

I made the bat at the bottom with the name and position in it. Used a stock baseball photo from google search. Grabbed an old Donruss logo and made the year box.

Future Stars…….Does Topps always get this correct?

Topps has been producing Future Stars cards for years, usually they end up in the commons pile because at one point, the players did well in the minors and just didn’t perform in the majors or Topps just needed to make sure they got players from all teams represented.

Here’s a custom card of Tony Cingrani, Derrick Robinson and Billy Hamilton. So far, 2 out the 3 have done well. High expectations of Billy Hamilton but he hasn’t produced this year at AAA-Louisville.

George Lynch rock card.


One of the guitarist that gets next to no recognition, George Lynch.
He fronted the band Dokken until he and Don Dokken couldn’t take
one another anymore. He formed Lynch Mob to success and when that
band faded into hard rock obscurity in the early 90’s, he rejoined
Dokken to mild success and lots of touring. After $$$ was made, George
and Don were at it again and splitville round 2.