Jay Bruce: 1959 Topps style.

1959 Topps was a decent year for Topps Baseball cards with all the stars of the era except one, Ted Williams. He opted to sign an exclusive deal with Fleer to produce a set of cards featuring just himself.

1959 Topps jay bruce small

There were a lot of 1959 Topps cards in 3 cigar boxes of cards given to me after my Uncle died in the late 80’s. About 300 cards total and my Mom made me divide them up between my little brother. He liked baseball cards too so she didn’t care who got what, just that we divided them equally. I was then picking out the stars and he called me out on it, so Mom then grabbed a Beckett at the time, looked through it and divided them for us, and the rest is history. I sold off the great majority of those cards years ago. Wish I hadn’t but they were fun to have at the time.


1987 Donruss Jay Bruce

Ahhhhhh! 1987 Donruss Baseball cards. The Mark McGwire Rated Rookie was the one to get! Bo Jackson & Jose Canseco’s card’s were in high demand as well. Barry Bonds error card with a pic of Johnny Ray was and still is the most sought after card from the set. Topps was cranking the presses with their 1987 issue, but Donruss and Fleer kept their print volumes to match sales. At one point, a pack of 1987 Donruss cards fetch $12 each.

1987 Donruss jay bruce small

Donruss saw the success Topps was having with the 1987 issue so they decided to crank up the presses for 1988. We all know how that turned out!


I WON! I won ‘MVP for the Day’ !

I won ‘MVP for the Day’ over at 30-Year Old Cardboard!

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This is what I won:
The Loot!
Lets see, looks like Joe Morgan, Andre ‘The Hawk’ Dawson, Tony Gwynn, Wade Boggs, Dave Winfield, George Brett and oh, is that a 1986 Fleer Robin Yount hiding behind behind a 1986 topps Joe Morgan card?

Here’s the scoop:

We had to pick one player for the day. What ever player had the biggest day/night and best numbers for hits, runs, RBI’s got points. Jay Bruce had a big night against the St. Louis Cardinals. Zack Cozart didn’t do to shabby either!

1989 Score baseball card with none other than Jay Bruce!

Custom replica 1989 Score Baseball card with Jay Bruce. I loved the 1989 Score set. It was on decent card stock, corners didn’t ding too easy and centering of the cards is fairly decent. Great inexpensive alternate to Topps and way better than what Donruss had put out.

1989 Score Jay Bruce 2

Im not sure about the color schemes they did as to some cards are red, blue or green and didn’t match the team colors at all. I did like the photos and the minimal shoving of the score logo in your face. All the rookie cards were the last cards in the set.

BONUS: Here is a Joey Votto as well.
1989 Score Votto


1994 Donruss Triple Play Jay Bruce

1994 Donruss Triple Play was a set marketed at younger collectors. Earlier version would put rules of the game, fun facts, Did you know? and other stuff that would be of interest to 6-12 yr old collectors. Plus they wasn’t nearly as expensive to buy, kinda like the Topps Opening Day sets are now.

1994 donruss triple play bruce

I made this one in about 20 minutes with 18 minutes of that making the Triple Play Logo. I couldnt find a decent one via google search so I made one. It’s not exact but it’s close enough!