Z Rock & the Power Pig

Sometime right before Christmas in 1990, ‘The Beaver, Ninety Sixxxxxxxxx and a halfffffff’ flipped over to Z Rock. Its just what I needed at that time. Wayne’s World was popular on TV, Headbanger’s Ball was one of the top rated shows on MTV, G’N’R – Poison – Whitesnake – Great White was tearing up the radio charts, except in Cincinnati. The local rock radio station kept spinning Boston, Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and AC/DC but ignored the Glam/Hair rock scene. Bands would skip touring Cincy because of the lack of airplay of their songs.

zrock ad

Z Rock played it all, Metallica to Kix to Poison to Alice Cooper to Megadeth to Dio to well, you get the point. WEBN noticed the trend and took some ratings hits but didn’t want to play those bands so they came up with the station called ‘107.1 The Power Pig’. They basically copied Z Rock and any ratings The Power Pig got, WEBN basically absorbed that rating too.

power pig

The Power Pig was a ‘No DJ’s’ somewhat automated station. They didn’t play Hendrix or Pink Floyd, as in the title, ‘Zero Music by Dead guys’.

In 1992, the rock music scene started to change with the Seattle grunge movement and Z Rock started playing more Sound Garden, Screaming Trees, Nirvana & Pearl Jam. So did the Power Pig. Early on a Sunday morning in June of 1992, Z Rock was no more. The owners flipped back to country. Sad day in Cincy.
By November 1992, the Power Pig was slaughtered for Alternative rock and changed to Channel Z.

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