Jay Bruce: 1959 Topps style.

1959 Topps was a decent year for Topps Baseball cards with all the stars of the era except one, Ted Williams. He opted to sign an exclusive deal with Fleer to produce a set of cards featuring just himself.

1959 Topps jay bruce small

There were a lot of 1959 Topps cards in 3 cigar boxes of cards given to me after my Uncle died in the late 80’s. About 300 cards total and my Mom made me divide them up between my little brother. He liked baseball cards too so she didn’t care who got what, just that we divided them equally. I was then picking out the stars and he called me out on it, so Mom then grabbed a Beckett at the time, looked through it and divided them for us, and the rest is history. I sold off the great majority of those cards years ago. Wish I hadn’t but they were fun to have at the time.


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