1992 Donruss with Jay Bruce

In 1992, Donruss was in the same boat as Fleer, produce a better card or they was out of the game. The 1991 card design was terrible and mass produced to the numbers of the ’88 set.

1992 Donruss Jay Bruce

Donruss did a massive design change, better photos and used a light gloss on white paper stock. Plus the Diamond Kings were a premium card and they did a wonderful job with them.


1992 Fleer Jay Bruce

1992 Fleer was a giant leap from the 1991 Fleer yellow set. Wow, that set sucked!

1992 Fleer Jay Bruce

Fleer had no choice but to step up their game or it was bye bye Fleer in the baseball card market.
They did so with the 1992 set. They no longer packed them in wax wrapper and move to cellophane like Topps.

Decent subsets and a great All Star set helped this set out as well!

BTW, this is my new favorite Custom Card!


1989 Fleer Ken Griffey Jr……Autographed!

Back in 1988, Ken Griffey Jr was the hottest rookie in baseball. Donruss, Upper Deck & Fleer made cards of him in their regular issue ’89 sets. Topps & Score added him their sets but not until the ’89 traded/update sets came out (late November of ’89)


I pulled this from a pack sometime during that summer. Moeller High School has an anuual sports card show and since Griffey Jr hadnt reached superstar status yet, he was there to sign autographs, cheap at $15 each.

I got a ball and a card signed. At the time, a lot of collectors told me not to have a card signed as it hurts the value of the card. Today, collectors have any card they can get signed.

I also had this ball signed as well!

Ken Griffey Jr Ball


1989 Donruss anyone?

1989 Donruss was a step up from 1988 Donruss cards. Donruss way way over produced them and they were found everywhere. Now, you can get the ’88s for about $5.00 a box and dealers might throw in a extra box just to get rid of them.

1989 Donruss Jay Bruce

1989 Donruss were way over produced as well, but the design was better than the ’88s and with the inclusion of Griffey Jr in the set, made the set tolerable to collect although the set is worth about $10.00 with the Jr card holding $9.99 of the value.

Empty soda bottles = Baseball Cards

As a kid, I would walk miles looking for empty soda bottles. Why? to cash them in so I could buy baseball cards. In the late 70’s and early 80’s, I didn’t get much spending money, so empty soda bottles was the way to go. People would buy soda in 16oz bottles and pay $0.10 per bottle deposit. The idea was to return the bottle to the store and get their 10 cents back. Many people just threw them out car windows and in trash. Car wash’s and along the roadside was the best place to find them.


Baseball card we’re $0.25 per pack and for 10 bottles, you could get four packs and feel like a baseball card king!


1978 Topps replica with Jay Bruce

1978 Topps was the first year I started collecting baseball cards. They were $0.25 per pack and I only cared about the Reds cards.

1978 Topps Jay Bruce

I have looked for hours trying to find the font to match the team name, some close but none have matched. This one is closest I could find that matched the R in Reds and I cant find a font to match the ‘eds.
Any suggestions?


Topps has already released preview pics of 2014 Heritage set

Topps has released previews of the 2014 Heritage set. So I jumped in front of them and made this one of Jay Bruce. Topps will be using the 1965 Topps design which is one of the better ones from the 60’s era.

1965 Topps jay bruce

Some folks have expressed their dislike for the ’65 set but I think it says retro all the way!

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