Reds catcher Ryan Hanigan hit the winning RBI to SWEEP the Dodgers

Sept 8, 2013, Reds catcher Ryan Hanigan knocked in Zack Cozart for the winning run in the bottom of the ninth inning to sweep the HOT HOT LA Dodgers. Ryan has been on a cool streak as of late and has never really recovered from a mid season injury.

1988 Fleer AS Hanigan

So, yeah, he deserves a card. I choose a Fleer Walgreens Boxed set that was issued in 1987 and only available at Walgreens. I chased these sets down because of the Mattingly and Ripken Jr cards, but little did we know they also had Pete Rose, Barry Bonds, George Brett, Wade Boggs and many other stars hidden inside. Not only did Walgreens have sets made by Fleer but ToysRUs, 7-11, Kay-Bee-Toys,Rite-Aid pharmacy and other regional department stores did as well.


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