1960 Bazooka of my favorite 80’s Stars

My baseball card/watching/playing hey-days were in the 80’s. I loved to watch This Week in Baseball with Mel Allen, The Baseball Bunch with Johnny Bench just before the NBC Game of the Week came on TV. Usually it was the Reds vs Dodgers or an American League game. I got to watch some great stars perform in the 80’s and the three I loved are in the card below:

1960 Bazooka 2

Using the 1960 Bazooka style allowed me to showcase all three players in one card. The Bazooka cards were printed on the back of Bazooka Gum boxes. They measure 2 3/4″ in height and 5″ in width. They had cut along lines to cut them out to share with your friends.

I loved to watch Don Mattingly, Cal Ripken Jr and Kirby Puckett play. All three are all stars and all have great fan followings even to this day. Great hitting and great fielding put these three on the map to stardom. They had heart and loved the game that nothing else mattered to them.


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