1960 Topps Jay Bruce

1960 topps was/is one of my favorite issues. Two reasons, when my Uncle died, he had 8 cigar boxes full of 1960 Topps baseball cards, four went to me and four went to my little brother. I still have some of them but over the years, most of them went toward paying bills.

1960 topps jb

Yeah yeah yeah, I know, Topps made a Heritage card with Jay Bruce but they used the Rookie card design and I love it but I just wondered what a regular issue ’60 Topps card would look like.

So, does the card look better with the Mr. Redlegs logo or the current logo for the current play?

1960 topps jb current logo

I like both. What’s your opinion?


1988 Donruss Jay Bruce….by the millions!

In 1987, the Leaf corp saw the baseball card craze everyone had. Collectors to housewives to grandma’s were buying up baseball cards in hopes of later having gold. Leaf Corp, makers of Donruss Baseball cards saw this and turned up the presses. Their 1987 issue couldn’t be found anywhere, but the 1988 issue was mass produced, distributed and sold everywhere. You couldn’t walk into a local carry-out, pharmacy, drive-thru, grocery or gen merchandise store without seeing Dale Murphy’s face on a box in the candy/magazine rack selling Donruss ’88 baseball cards. The Mark Grace and Mark McGwire cards were the most sought after from this set.

1988 Donruss jb small

I made this one of Jay Bruce because I’ve made one of just about every other set from the 80’s. I hope this digital card doesn’t multiply by itself as the regular ’88 Donruss cards seemed to do all on their own. Leaf didn’t officially release the print run for this set, but some speculate that there are at least 25 million of each card printed (16 billion, 500 million card total printed).


Jay Bruce: Classic 1972 Topps Basketball Design

Im not a basketball card collector at all. I do like the 1972 Topps Basketball card design using MLB players past and present as in the 2013 Topps Archives set.

1972 Topps basketball jb

This card design says vintage all the way. I love vintage cards and I like to put modern players in the vintage designs.

I like the way they did the 2013 Topps Archives Joe Morgan card.


So I used that design for the Jay Bruce replica.


My winnings have arrived!

A couple weeks ago, I posted about winning a small cache of cards from another blog.
The treasures have arrived.


Cards include:
2 Joe Morgan Topps Kmart
1 2012 Topps Heritage Hank Aaron Flashback
1 2001 Upper Deck Cooperstown Collection Hank Aaron
1 2001 Topps Golden Moments Roberto Clemente
1 2013 Topps Archives George Brett
1 Topps Kmart Pete Rose
1 1983 Donruss Dave Winfield
1 1987 Topps Dave Winfield
1 1987 Fleer Tony Gwynn
1 1989 Donruss MVP Tony Gwynn
1 1984 Topps Highlights Rickey Henderson
1 1985 Topps Rickey Henderson
1 1987 Fleer Rickey Henderson
1 1989 Fleer Eddie Murray
1 1989 Score Eddie Murray
1 1986 Fleer Paul Molitor
1 1991 Topps Paul Molitor
1 1982 Fleer Dave Parker
1 2012 Panini Golden Age Reggie Jackson
1 2004 Fleer Greats Reggie Jackson – Yankees
1 2004 Fleer Greats Reggie Jackson – Angels
1 1984 Topps Wade Boggs
1 1985 Topps Wade Boggs
1 1993 Collectors Choice (UD) Dennis Eckersley Team Checklist
1 1986 Topps Team Leaders Andre Dawson
1 1987 Topps Andre Dawson
1 1991 Donruss Andre Dawson

Great cards, Great contest!
Thanks for the prize!

Reds catcher Ryan Hanigan hit the winning RBI to SWEEP the Dodgers

Sept 8, 2013, Reds catcher Ryan Hanigan knocked in Zack Cozart for the winning run in the bottom of the ninth inning to sweep the HOT HOT LA Dodgers. Ryan has been on a cool streak as of late and has never really recovered from a mid season injury.

1988 Fleer AS Hanigan

So, yeah, he deserves a card. I choose a Fleer Walgreens Boxed set that was issued in 1987 and only available at Walgreens. I chased these sets down because of the Mattingly and Ripken Jr cards, but little did we know they also had Pete Rose, Barry Bonds, George Brett, Wade Boggs and many other stars hidden inside. Not only did Walgreens have sets made by Fleer but ToysRUs, 7-11, Kay-Bee-Toys,Rite-Aid pharmacy and other regional department stores did as well.


1988 Fleer, different and FUN with Jay Bruce

1988 Fleer cards were the crème of the crop for that year. While Topps and Donruss flooded the market with their over production, Fleer just ran their presses at 3/4 speed as their competitors. You couldn’t buy these just anywhere. Dealers and cards shops was it. On occasion, you might find some at a Walgreens for $0.75 per pack. I love the style and the player selection. The Bo Jackson & Gregg Jefferies cards where the most sought after. I love the Barry Larkin and Paul O’Neill cards as well.

1988 Fleer jb

I tried many different Jay Bruce pics to fit the style of this card, many didn’t work and other looked horrible. I needed to find more pics of him fielding/catching the ball as well. This one looks ok, but I’ll try again when I get more time (my 3yr old awaits me).


1988 Topps Jay Bruce

1988 Topps was a different direction, they sorta went retro with the ’87 release but went way modern with the ’88. Just as with the ’87 release, Topps kept the presses rolling. Flooding the market and they could be bought just about anywhere. People, even non collectors, where buying them up and stashing them in hopes they would be $20 bars of gold to help pay for college, houses & retirements

1988 Topps jb

I liked the ’88 set, many stars and action shots of my favorites. All star cards as well as some ’87 season highlights, most notably the Eddie Murry card with the black box on the front.