1996 Topps Jay Bruce

After a 3 year hiatus (1993-1996), I started collecting baseball cards again. I bought a pack of Topps base for $1.19. WOW! $1.19 for a regular pack of cards!


There’s nothing fancy or eye catching about the design. Just a bland looking set that is full of 90’s stars. A-Rod didnt have a Topps card until 2000. He was the first player to hold out on a card company because of $$$.



1986 Topps Jay Bruce

I think I’ve covered the whole 80’s with Jay Bruce customs.


In 1986, this is when I really started to get into opening packs. Yes, I chewed the gum. Yes, I sent away for the all star cards. Yes, I bought the complete set out of the back of the sticker album.

Photoshop education time: While the layout was easy to do, nailing down the font wasn’t. It took me almost 3 hours to find the right one and it’s still not 100%.


1990 Leaf Jay Bruce

Been about a month since I’ve posted. Busy with my Son’s & Grandsons football teams winding down, work, picture & video making for various people.

Here, we have a custom 1990 Leaf Jay Bruce. Many collectors feel that this set was the beginning of short printed, high end cards of the hobby. In 1990, Leaf was running the presses at full speed with their regular Donruss issue, they had only one press pumping out the 1990 Leaf cards.


The 1990 Leaf cards were $2-$3 per pack then (OUCH!). That was hard for a kid to buy them. Dealers snatched them up, sold them for a very nice premium and those of us that couldn’t afford them, we were left out.