2014 Topps Heritage ’65 Mint Dime Jay Bruce

I loved the 2014 Topps Heritage set that basically copied the 1965 Topps release. Something about the ’65 set that just says vintage! Topps made some insert card with U.S. coins that were minted in 1965, and one of them was Jay Bruce. There were only 10 of these made and I’m glad I have 04/10 in my collection. There is one with a quarter as well but I have never seen one on eBay or at any shows I’ve been to in the past 8 months or so. Probably sitting in a pack somewhere on a shelf in a card shop or warehouse to never see the light of day.

2014 Heritage '65 Mint dime Jay Bruce

Love this card and keeping a look out for the one with the quarter. If you have seen one or know where one is, I may pay a finders fee. Comment here and I’ll be in touch with you.


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