2014 Topps 1st Edition Jay Bruce

Last year, Topps decided to have a contest. A contest where the winner could go to a Spring Training camp of a team of their choice and/or win a set of their 2014 cards. The set of cards are stamped with a ‘1st Edition’ on them and they’re limited to only 10 sets. A winner of one of the sets has decided to break up the set and sell it. I bought all three cards that feature Jay Bruce on them.

First one is the Base Card

IMG_20150130_0001w border

The Second one is the 2013 NL Home Run Leaders card shared with Paul Goldschmidt & Pedro Alvarez

IMG_20150130_0002w border

The Third one didnt arrive with the first two, I do know it’s on it’s way though (according to tracking info)

I’ll update this post when the Third one arrives!


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