Been A While

Been a while since I have posted anything to the blog. Oh well, my guy was traded from the Mets to the Mariners. I’m willing to bet he’ll be traded again in August at the trade deadline. The Mariners dont really have a need for him and he would be a decent bonus to a trade. I’d personally like to see him back in Cincinnati.

Since I havent made a custom in a while, here is a 2007 Fleer Baseball ‘Traded’ version.

Batting .500

Day one of Cactus League play and the Reds put a whoopin’ on the Cleveland Indians. Jay Bruce went 1 for 2. He hit a fly ball to center field that hit off the wall for an RBI double, scoring Devin Mesoraco.

His other at bat was a strike out. Lets hope he doesnt get to many more of those!

The Reds ended up beating the Cleveland Indians 10-0.
(keep in mind, this is only spring training)


Let the 2015 Reds Season Begin!

It’s that time again for the Reds to start their Spring Training games in Arizona. They will play the Cleveland Indians. While most of the Reds fans are up in arms about Votto not playing today, I’m keeping my eye on one player, you guessed it Jay Bruce.

He didnt have a great year last season due to injury and some personal issues. Now, I think he is back to pre-2014 season form. The whole NL will be watching to see if he has fully recovered, I know I will.

Here is a little something I picked up. It’s a 2009 Topps Unique Autogrpahed-Patch card of Jay Bruce. This is the best patch card of Jay Bruce’s that I’ve ever seen!

2009 unique w border

I love the Mr. Redlegs patch.
I splurged a little but didn’t go overboard.

Let’s hope the Reds have a great 2015 season!


I’ve been trying to catalog my Jay Bruce PC.

I’ve been looking for an online source to catalog my Jay Bruce PC.
So far, this is the best I could find:

Sports Card Album <—- Click logo

It lets you give detail about the card(s), post pics (front/back) plus lets you decide whether you want to sell/trade. Oh, and it's FREE!

There is a mobile app as well for Android and iPhone as well.

It's not perfect but it beats photobucket. Give it a try!