More Customs of the Great 8

Hello All,

Since my guy Jay Bruce isn’t performing, and he has taken full responsibility, I’m still collecting his cards but at a much slower pace.

The Reds have pretty much called it a season, and a couple of days ago, I stepped back in time a little and made some custom cards of the Big Red Machine. You saw the major stars in the last post. Now here are the rest of the Great 8!

Let’s start of with the All-Star Shortstop Dave Concepcion. I may change this one.

All Star Outfielder George Foster


All Star Outfielder Cesar Geronimo


All Star Outfielder Ken Griffey


There you have it! Tell me what you think.
btw, finding good decent google images of these players is tough to do.


Comic style card are a hit!

Last week, I made a comic style card of Jay Bruce, it seemed to be a hit! Here is another Reds star, Joey Votto in his own comic style custom card.


for the caption, I just put ‘Votto’d’ because that’s what he does best, makes the play!

More players to come….


1960 Bazooka of my favorite 80’s Stars

My baseball card/watching/playing hey-days were in the 80’s. I loved to watch This Week in Baseball with Mel Allen, The Baseball Bunch with Johnny Bench just before the NBC Game of the Week came on TV. Usually it was the Reds vs Dodgers or an American League game. I got to watch some great stars perform in the 80’s and the three I loved are in the card below:

1960 Bazooka 2

Using the 1960 Bazooka style allowed me to showcase all three players in one card. The Bazooka cards were printed on the back of Bazooka Gum boxes. They measure 2 3/4″ in height and 5″ in width. They had cut along lines to cut them out to share with your friends.

I loved to watch Don Mattingly, Cal Ripken Jr and Kirby Puckett play. All three are all stars and all have great fan followings even to this day. Great hitting and great fielding put these three on the map to stardom. They had heart and loved the game that nothing else mattered to them.


Reds catcher Ryan Hanigan hit the winning RBI to SWEEP the Dodgers

Sept 8, 2013, Reds catcher Ryan Hanigan knocked in Zack Cozart for the winning run in the bottom of the ninth inning to sweep the HOT HOT LA Dodgers. Ryan has been on a cool streak as of late and has never really recovered from a mid season injury.

1988 Fleer AS Hanigan

So, yeah, he deserves a card. I choose a Fleer Walgreens Boxed set that was issued in 1987 and only available at Walgreens. I chased these sets down because of the Mattingly and Ripken Jr cards, but little did we know they also had Pete Rose, Barry Bonds, George Brett, Wade Boggs and many other stars hidden inside. Not only did Walgreens have sets made by Fleer but ToysRUs, 7-11, Kay-Bee-Toys,Rite-Aid pharmacy and other regional department stores did as well.


Future Stars…….Does Topps always get this correct?

Topps has been producing Future Stars cards for years, usually they end up in the commons pile because at one point, the players did well in the minors and just didn’t perform in the majors or Topps just needed to make sure they got players from all teams represented.

Here’s a custom card of Tony Cingrani, Derrick Robinson and Billy Hamilton. So far, 2 out the 3 have done well. High expectations of Billy Hamilton but he hasn’t produced this year at AAA-Louisville.