We’ve gone CHROME CRAZY!

Nope, not a Harley, not an 18 wheeler rig or Chevrolet bumper, Topps Chrome crazy!

That’s right, I’ve been on a 2013 Topps Chrome Jay Bruce buying binge. So far here’s what I’ve gotten for far less coin than you might imagine.

2013 Topps Chrome Atomic Refractor. #’d 02/10.
2013 Chrome Atomic Refractor

2013 Topps Chrome Black Refractor. #’d 68/100
2013 Chrome Black

2013 Topps Chrome Gold Refractor. #’d 25/50
2013 Chrome Gold

2013 Topps Chrome Red Refractor. #’s 12/25
2013 Chrome Red

2013 Topps Chrome Sepia Refractor. #15/75
2013 Chrome Sepia

2013 Topps Chrome Die Cut.
2013 Chrome Die Cut

I still have to get the blue, purple, pink and regular refractors. Shouldn’t be too much of a problem picking those up.


Things are looking Up…..ton along with Jay Bruce.

Found this on eBay for less than $11.00.

Jay Bruce & BJ Upton autographed card.


It’s a 2009 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Baseball ‘Ultimate Dual Signatures’ card. Numbered 03 of 37 and it looks great! Cant believe how well this card looks and the price makes it even better! The blue sharpie signatures looks great and you can tell who the signer is, unlike some cards I have.



Jay Bruce is my #1 guy on the Reds team. When I had the chance to snatch this up on ebay, I had to do it:


These are 2009 Upper Deck SP Authentic Baseball – By the Letter Signatures numbered to 38 cards each. Each card is autographed by Jay Bruce as well:


An over head shot. I wish I would’ve taken pics before I put them into the cases with team set bags to protect the case. My 3 yr old was next to me when I was trying to do this and he wasn’t co-operating to let me take better pics.


Probably the best set in my player collection right now.


Jay Bruce 1/1 2011 Topps Triple Threads *Wood* Version

brucecardfromebay2011 Topps Triple Threads was a great set and can be expensive. A lot of great memorabilia cards with autographs are in the set. I snagged this 1 of 1 Jay Bruce off of eBay for around ‘a bill’.

This card was my first 1 of 1 Jay Bruce card. I got it from a collector in South Carolina through ebay, he had it listed as an auction and didn’t get what he wanted for it. He tried emailing me to jack up the price but I refused and he ended up taking a loss on it.