Billy Hamilton makes MLB debut.

Billy Hamilton of the Cincinnati Reds made MLB debut last night. He pitch-run for Ryan Ludwick. He stole 2nd base off of Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina, then scored home off of a Todd Frazier double into left field.

Billy was in Sharonville, OH at a baseball card show to sign for guests in June 2013.

hamilton signing

At first, I didn’t like his signature, but its on par with about most MLB players.


Here’s to hoping for a decent September for him! We’ll see how well he does next spring.


1989 Fleer Ken Griffey Jr……Autographed!

Back in 1988, Ken Griffey Jr was the hottest rookie in baseball. Donruss, Upper Deck & Fleer made cards of him in their regular issue ’89 sets. Topps & Score added him their sets but not until the ’89 traded/update sets came out (late November of ’89)


I pulled this from a pack sometime during that summer. Moeller High School has an anuual sports card show and since Griffey Jr hadnt reached superstar status yet, he was there to sign autographs, cheap at $15 each.

I got a ball and a card signed. At the time, a lot of collectors told me not to have a card signed as it hurts the value of the card. Today, collectors have any card they can get signed.

I also had this ball signed as well!

Ken Griffey Jr Ball


Cal Ripken Jr…..Class Act….Great Autograph

Went to the National Sports Card Collectors show in Chicago, IL. I went for one reason, Cal Ripken Jr was there signing autographs. He was one of my favorite players during my teen years and into my 20’s. He never complained about contracts, player position, batting lineups, he just went out there and played everyday!



ripken baseball

He was wonderful! Thanks for being a class act Cal!